Other peoples work

I chose to include this page since the internet is a ever changing beast. Sites close without notice all the
time, and data is lost forever. Things that the creators released to everybody is now offline (if not lost) on a
few peoples devices. I save most schematics and good tutorials I come across. Not for claiming fame for their work,
nor for trying to sell it. Just to make sure I can read it 10 or 20 years later, like a book.

Publishing them here now serves two main purposes: to preserve information, and to provide a collection of designs
that are tested and validated by me. If you find your stuff here and want me to give you credit or remove the file,
contact me on neocities.org (just search for my site and leave a comment).

Synth modules

Square to saw
I built one for my first synth and it did give me a saw-ish
sound but maybe a bit lacking in the top end. I'll have to build
it again and look with my oscilloscope. Good enogh for simpler
builds I'd say
VCA - no OTA
Built one for my first synth wanting to avoid using OTA:s.
Worked fine on +/-9 V and using LM741:s instead.
My archived schematic
The original blog

Stand alone stuff

Audio Artist
Percussive noisebox
Published in Popular electronics, I would guess late 70's.
Design by Jim Barbarello. I built mine on breadboard with LM358's
and it worked fine. I remember adding another potentiometer to it
which made it a lot wonkier. I'll post if I remember more.
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Baby 8
Posted by user Neil mcNasty on the Guitar FX Layouts
forum. I found this design to be clean and easy to understand.
In the original thread you'll also find a version
with selectable number of steps. Tip: connect a 10 Kohm
resistor to pin 13 and ground instead of direct ground. Then a
button to battery +, this will give you a pause button (with the
clock still running
Stripboard layout
Frequency brightener I tried the more complex All signal brightener and
liked so much that I built it into a case. I omitted the
top potentiometer which is a level control. It overdrives
quite nicely and can really make a synth sound mean.
I recommend breadboarding it and playing around with
the filters a bit.

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