Paia 2720

Early kit synthesizer, based on the Paia 2700 which was released in the early 1970:ies. The main diffrence is the keyboard -
while the 2700 had a DIY "shirt button" keybed the 2720 uses a real 3 octave keybed (Pratt-Reed). Mine is in need of
service, one key has a faulty contact and a few might need new bushings. I bought this unit in late 2019 for a fair
amount of money, but it is not a common synth in Sweden (or europe), and the overall condition is good.

A picture of my Paia 2720 at an artsy angle

Since this is a synth designed to be cheap it has it's flaws, and it might be tempting for someone to try and iron out
everything. I am however sticking to making it functional according to the original specifications. Character is everything.
I have other synths for other sounds, but they can't sound like the Paia.

I am however considering building a small "expander box" for fun. Another Hz/V VCO, one more VCA, and maybe a mixer would
be fun and not alter the experience too much. We will see...

Before calibrating the VCO I put a short video together to show off the unique sound this synth has: Youtube video

Things to do:

Modules in this system

This system was sold as the 2720/R which was the premium kit. The basic 2720/A lacked the Sine/PWM converter,
inverter/buffer, and envelope follower modules. Selling for $269 in 1978 ($1065 in 2020) means that is was not
that cheap even if many other options were costlier.


Every module was supplied with a manual covering assembly, testing, usage, and a short design analysis.
You can find them and much more Paia stuff over on the forum Paia Talk.
If you are unable to find the files let me know as I have copies downloaded.

I do not recommend this synth for someone wanting cool modular sounds or lust for a fat 1970's analog sound.
The Paia 2720 is it's own thing, and not without flaws. Some electronics skills are nice to have, since it is a
simple unit to service and was built by amateurs 40-50 years ago. I do recommend it if you like quirky synths and
have your expectations set right. Sometimes it reminds me of a Korg 700 in it's sound. Sometimes it just sounds like
a thin toy. It's all good in my book!

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Updated 2020-04-28